Eggs Benedict



  1. Cut the biscuits in half and set each half on a separate plate.
  2. Fill a saucepan two-thirds full with water and bring to a light simmer over medium-low heat.
  3. Once simmering, add the vinegar.
  4. Crack each egg into a separate bowl, then gently slide an egg into the lightly simmering water.
  5. Once the egg begins to turn white, add another egg, and so on until all the eggs are in the saucepan.
  6. Cook for 2 minutes, then turn off the heat and allow the eggs to sit in the hot water bath for 8 minutes before removing.
  7. Cook the Canadian bacon in a frying pan until lightly golden.
  8. Top each biscuit half with a slice of the pan-fried Canadian bacon and a poached egg, finishing each with 2 tablespoons of hollandaise sauce.
  9. Sprinkle with the parsley immediately.